Mosquito Itch Reliever
Mosquito Itch Reliever
Mosquito Itch Reliever

Mosquito Itch Reliever

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Quickly therminates itch and irritation of mosquito bites by using this Mosquito Itch Reliever. It delivers heat & vibration to the affected area which helps increasing blood flow and circulation. Just give you relief from mosquito itch in seconds! 


  • Intelligent Control】:Can quickly soothe itchy feeling after mosquito and other insect bites(wasps, bees, hornets,bug, gnat),eliminate the skin swelling.

  • Safety and Easy to Use】:Pure physical therapy without any additives,physiotherapy face using medical grade thermally conductive materials to ensure the safety of the user.

  • No Side Effect】:The insect bite itching relief is different from cream,ointments and gels,it is only with concentrated heat,that means it is also suitable for pregnant women,allergic persons and children.(Please see the matters need attention in description or the instruction).


  • Material: Plastic ABS + Electronic Components
  • Size: 6.5x5x14 cm (package size)
  • 1 X Mosquito Itch Relief Device